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Open Letter To My Support System (Please Read)

Posted by 13 of Nazareth on July 1, 2013 at 9:35 AM

Dear Support System,


Since I began to use social media approximately ten years ago I have, to some degree, been wrestling with social media; the ever increasing intrusion upon my time vs. the ability to make myself more accessible as an artist. Social media has altered the ways in which we introduce ourselves to and communicate with one another and while I thoroughly enjoy the connectivity and am a fan of technology, I am also an uber-introvert who enjoys to hide in plain sight. As a result of this conflict I consider deleting all of my social media accounts at least once monthly, but end up deciding not to out of fear that I will somehow lose the connections that I have established with you because I care about your sauce. This fear has resulted in me being half present and thus slowing disintegrating those connections while working to hold onto them. Over the past week I have seen with great clarity just how foolish this “fear” is and have decided to take a hiatus from social media.


My gratitude for your supporting presence throughout the years requires me to make you aware of this hiatus. I am essentially taking a step back in order to take steps forward and while I know that statement is extremely vague, you’re just gonna have to trust me.


Slangston Hughes (@griotslang) recently used the imagery of "putting together a car while you're driving it" in an unrelated conversation with myself and several others. Kane Mayfield (@KaneMayfield) recently told me "the strength and weakness of twitter is its ability to disseminate information rapidly." Both of these statements assisted me in making this decision to step away from social media, reevaluate why I am using each of these sites and to discover if the purpose I want them to serve in the grand schematic of my life is indeed the purpose they are serving. You may be thinking "but 13, why don't you just do that while still plugged in?" And the answer is because I suck at multitasking and in spite of what wonders it has worked in the lives of others I am a "mad efficient single tasker" yo.


The analyst in me has considered what I imagine to be the best and worst possible outcomes of this hiatus. At best I will return to find that my amount of follows/likes have exponentially increased and everyone has been waiting to see what "wisdoms" I will have to share from my journey up into yonder mountain far away from this 41 megapixel hyperconnected civilization. At worst I will return to find that my amount of follows/likes have reduced to zero and everyone was just waiting for me to look away long enough so they escape from what they deem to be prison of connection without hurting my feelings…


(if you're not laughing it is because that last statement was funnier in my head…)


(and if you're still not laughing, it is good that I have no desire to be a comedian and I should probably just move on to some other point…)


(and this is me moving on…still not funny…ok *shrug* I thought it was funny)


In all seriousness, for those who care, my hiatus will last for the month of July. By the time you read this letter the app for every social media site to which I am connected will be deleted from my phone and the notifications will be turned off so responding to this wherever you reading it will not reach me until August.


I, however, am still a performing/graphic artist so I will not be inaccessible, I just won't be connected to social media. If you need to reach me for booking/hiring/info on upcoming shows/comments/hey man are you crazy questions/etc and do not have my contact info you can find it at the end of this letter.


so what have we learned today


I write.
I design.
I single task. (mad efficiently)
I am funnier in my head.
I care about your sauce. (inside joke)
I build cars while driving them.
I take hiati. (what I think the plural of "hiatus" should be.)
I care enough to tell you about the aforementioned "hiati."
I end letters weird.


- thank you for being you
- peace of mind over everything

13 of Nazareth


[email protected]


(if you plan to use the number please text me first to introduce yourself because I do not answer unfamiliar/blocked numbers under any circumstances whatsoever)

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