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Saturday August 22, 2009

Posted by 13 of Nazareth on August 23, 2009 at 11:21 AM


If you are a friend of mine on Facebook, then you probably already know that I ended up having a seizure yesterday and you probably already know that I am doing much better as well, but for those who don't...


Back in 1994 I was diagnosed with epilepsy I have been having seizures at varied frequency and intensity throughout the years since even though in 2006 I was told that I don't have epilepsy and that my former neurologist doesn't know why I have seizures in addition to being taken of the meds I had been on for over a decade. Apparently they were hurting more than they helped because the meds never stopped the seizures but stuck me with and array of side effects like increased appetite, swollen gums, and life in a constant fog. And yes I am a full time artist; while some might imagine this to be the worst path of choice from a person in my situation. I think this is the best think I could do given my gift/curse ratio. Being an artist provides me greater control of my own schedule which is an extreme blessing for anyone who has seizures.


I however am likely to be among the most hard-headed artist who has seizures because historically I have had episodes, been hospitalized only to check out of the hospital and go straight to my scheduled shows. If you have known of me and seen me perform with regularity for more than a year it is very likely that you have seen me perform after having a seizure.


I do this only when I am fairly certain that I will not have another one later which of course is easier to determine once I've been doped up on Dilatin which is not the case of yesterday's seizure...


I was laying in my bed, typing that I had not been feeling well and when I finished I laid back and the last thing I remember is beginning to convulse violently before losing consciousness, which was new because i normally don't recall anything within five minutes prior to having a grand mal.


It was as if the room was convulsing and I was still. I woke up several hours later with both my head and body aching which is the sign for me to know that I have had a seizure.


As I stated in the beginning though I am fine and I am getting prepared for a performance this afternoon. With that being said I gotta go


Peace Within

13 of Nazareth


if you are interested in reading my story on epilepsy.com click here

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