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Thursday August 20, 2009

Posted by 13 of Nazareth on August 21, 2009 at 1:22 PM

Last night, I had the a somewhat strange dream and I am not quite sure what it means as of yet or if it means anything at all. I decided to share that dream in all its strange hilarity with you all today.


For those who are familiar with me you know that in my years of travel I have taken quite a few trips to Florida. A healthy portion of my spokenword family and fanbase resides throughout the state and one of the cities that I visit at least twice annually is Miami, which happens to be where my dream takes place. Nothing strange or hilarious...yet LOL but here goes.


So I caught a late flight to Miami not quite sure from where but it did appear to be relevant to the dream. Normally when I fly into the Miami area I fly to Fort Lauderdale because its less expensive and less congested than Miami International. However in this dream I fly to Miami; not really strange either I know but here is where is goes askew. Also normally Will Da Real One, who is my brother from another mother and proprietor of the Literary Cafe and Poetry Lounge , picks me up from the airport. However in this dream I exit the airport and hop into the car with none other than...event promoter extraordinaire Ingrid B. In all my journeys to Miami I am not even sure if I have ever seen Ingrid driving but I certainly have never been driven around by her.


Aside from the driving what's strange about this is that Ingrid and I have never been close, not distant just not close. We speak whenever we see each other, she given me some beneficial artist advice a time or two and we've hung out a couple times so I guess we are closer than many but I don't know where she lives don't know any of her family and she and I have never had a conversation over the phone when we were not in the same city. She lives in Miami FL and I live in Alexandria VA so clearly we don't talk often


(sidebar: I am feeling like a bad 13 of Nazareth right now because I usually at the very least just check on my peoples at random periodically to see how they are doing and I just realized I have never done this with Ingrid hmmmmm)


Okay back to the dream...In the car with Ingrid, it is after midnight she offer to take me to grab a bit to eat. I request the same spot I always request for a late night bite, usually after a performance, because I don't like to eat beforehand...Denny's (the Boca burger is the truth). So Denny's it was but that part of the dream was sort of a blur I thus assume its not of great importance to the strangeness, although eating there might be strange to some LOL


Now once we're back in the car, Ingrid says, "Its really late and there is only one person's house that I can take you to at this time of night." I reply, "Who?", all the while thinking she is gonna say Will because again Will is my brother but she joyfully says, "Dee." I am thinking, "Uhhh who the hell is Dee?!", but I am tired and just show me to the air mattress. I am pretty easy going with regard to where I sleep when on the road, a few train stations and airport floors will do that to you.


So we drive over this extremely well lit bridge, looked like it could've been the bridge to Star Island, but in the dream I was sleepy so I am not quite sure. For the record I also would not be surprised if Ingrid had friends who live on Star Island. So the next thing I remember is being at this red door while Ingrid is knocking and a uniquely familiar voice says, "Come in, its open." She opens the door walks in...says, "Hey Dee, this is 13 he gonna be crashing with you tonight or at least for what's left of it." Dee responds, "Come on in 13, the air mattress is waiting for you


I enter and close the door behind me turn to shake Dee's hand and am shocked as hell but trying not to show it when I realize that Dee is none other than Deepak Chopra.


(sidebar: I read a few of his books but the one that stands out to my mind is "How to Know God: The Soul's Journey into the Mystery of Mysteries". I actually need to pull that book out again...no I actually need to get that book back from Big Sllim LOL. From what I recall of the text it was about the journey to having a deeper relationship with God catergorized in seven levels and the physiological responses to those levels in the brain and body.)


I had a seat on the uninflated air mattress and Deepak began talking about something that I didn't hear because I was posting on Facebook and Twitter "I am sitting on the floor at Deepak Chopra's house in Miami with Ingrid B and Anomaly" oh yeah Anomaly was there but before we got a chance to speak I woke up half smiling for reason that i cannot yet explain


Not sure what it means but as with all my dreams it will make sense at some point in the future. At which time i will surely inform you. Thank for coming along for the dream ride


Peace Within

13 of Nazareth



From more info on Ingrid B Deepak Chopra Will Da Real One Anomaly or Big Sllim click on their names. They are all on facebook and I think they are all on twitter... friend them... follow them...then friend and follow me if you aren't already LOL


PS to everybody I talked about in here except Deepak because uhh I don't know him at least not yet let me know if I was out of line. I don't think I was but we are all in the public eye and I don't want to unintentionally tarnish any images like Deepak might actually be Ingrid's friend and feel some kinda way about me putting it on blast. I am just saying.



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