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Monday August 17, 2009

Posted by 13 of Nazareth on August 19, 2009 at 1:20 PM

I woke up today wondering about the issues that people are facing and thinking about how many of them are much smaller than they appear.After thinking I posted the following status update on Facebook and several other sites...

 "People enter Monday Mourning like the best part of their lives died. Reminder:THIS IS YOUR LIFE, now list 10 reasons to Celebrate Monday."

Several people responded with insightful and even comical list, I realize however that not everyone in able to look at their own lives and seethe joy because degrees of suffering are all they know consciously.This in no way leave's me at wits end for suffering like joy is a spectrum. I, thus, implore those who cannot see joy to hold up their suffering against the spectrum of the globe and see exactly where they fit into the scheme via the following update

 "For all those unable to find 10 things worthy of Monday celebration,measure your 10 greatest complaints about today against today's global human suffering. There are people who would find the great alleviation of joy in what you call pain. I am not saying life is without hardship just reiterating that hard days aren't so hard on easy going people;but again THIS IS YOUR LIFE and you are free to suffer through it."

Just as I was typing this I received a message from someone that a friend of theirs was found dead today and it appears to be a suicide. The deceased is not someone I know personally but I do know that if the assumption of suicide is true they apparently were in a place where they could not see enough worth going on for; but this tragedy like all tragedies is an opportunity to find a blessed point of reference in your own life and grab a hold of it for all is not lost...THIS IS YOUR LIFE. You have a choice in the outcome always.


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