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Spiritual Sense of Urgency (repost)

Posted by 13 of Nazareth on August 13, 2009 at 6:19 PM


I posted a status about earlier this sense of urgency I have been feeling spiritually to see if I was alone and given the rapid responses its clear that I am not alone. If you inquired I have tagged you on this note.


About 10 years back around the first time I stepped on stage, there was this subtle yet constant feeling that what I was doing was more than just art for the sake of being creative, informative, and/or entertaining. I feel as though I have been writing and performing for purpose greater than myself. If you have been listening to my work I say as much in numerous ways.


I was clear on this greater than self activity from the gate even though I wasn't clear on the specific of its purpose. This however didn't matter to me as I moved based on how I felt about a thing in the moment. As a result I would go to cities with one show booked and no without beyond that and stay for a week or more even ended up "stuck" a few places because I did not have cash to make the return trip. However I never went without food or shelter in these situations and I gained friendships that i treasure to this day. People just welcomed me into their homes like they knew i was coming although many of them were meeting me for the first time. I of course blew this off as the nature of spokenword as a community but later discovered everyone does not get or give this treatment when traveling.


Anyway over the years I have wrestled with balancing purpose and personal economy and if one has to suffer its usually economy although I still have want I need sometimes with absolutely nothing to spare. If you have seen me perform you know I don't do a lot of promo of even a lot of talking during my set beyond the poems. My silence is part introversion part feeling like everything I needed to say was in the work itself.


I am sure this thus far appear to be a rant about my journey as an artist but I promise you its not.


All that I have done artistically has been in hopes of getting people to see God in themselves and each other as well as to remind those who have seen God in themselves and other that they are not alone in such awareness.


This awareness changes who you are are; nothing and I mean nothing is looked upon the same. I watch movies listen to songs and poems searching for their relation to the divine. Some are overt while others are not and some in my opinion in God's voice while other are reflective of a portion of humanity speaking to or asking God for something that they feel will make them and/or the people whom they love better off than they are currently.


An overt example, in my opinion, of dialogue between God and humanity through song is Micheal Jackson's "You Are Not Alone." I know its a "love song" but such boxes are irrelevant at the level which I am speaking where all things are connected one to another.


I was reminded of this purposefulness (if that is a word) upon watching the Knowing. There are scenes in the movie that I have dreams and vision of over 10 years ago things that invoked the urgency to begin with; for you it may do nothing and maybe it isn't supposed to. Every soul has a different trigger. Please understand this is not a Deja Vu experience where I feel like I have been there but can't place it. Nor am I trying to frighten you in to some idea of an impending Armageddon. The world in which we live is changing undergoing a process of spiritual evolution I feel this "urgency" is integral to the process. I feel that in the years to come; we are going to need each other in ways that far exceed you coming to one of my shows and purchasing my CD. If there is something upon your heart that you know you should be doing even though the logic based on you experience is far fetched do it. Even if its just saying hello to a neighbor that you never speak to.


Get into your appointed position (only you know what this is) and hold your ground there are people who you don't know yet that are depending on you being where you are when they arrive in your life. The manner in which they show up probably won't be accompanied by anything miraculous in appearance but when they come you will know them. As for me many of those people are already in my life and if I never got on the mic and subsequently on the road there is no way I could have had the chance to know them because honestly I am shy and prior to writing my first rhyme I had neither the interest to stand in front of crowds nor this feeling of urgency.


As I said in my comment on the status about this I think prayer and meditation are vital but I feel this urgency is a call to action on behalf of us all


I don't have or claim to have the answers for everyone. I believe we are alive at a turning point in the history of our species and the vagueness of all this may create more confusion that help. If this confuses you ignore it forever or at least til it can be helpful.


Peace Within

13 of Nazareth


1:54pm Thurs.

June 25, 2009

Alexandria VA

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